Monday, November 20, 2006

I was gonna put this picture up, you know, unironically and all, an homage to my Delaware Valley upbringing and my afternoons with my grandpop watching games at his house or in the 200-section of Veteran's Stadium (his package even had playoff tickets). But we can talk about Schmidt's Tom Selleck 'stache, right? Look at that!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

an important answer to an important question DG recently asked what Presidents and Assholes is. I'll give the barebones outline of the game as I know it. Local rules tend to vary quite a bit.
Presidents and Assholes is a drinking game played with cards. Deal out the whole deck (minus jokers) to your players. The person with the 3 of Spades starts. From there, you go clockwise for the first round. The next person has to play a card of equal or higher worth than the one played previous. If equal, the next player is skipped and they must drink. Every time you are skipped, you must drink. If you don't have a higher card, you must drink.
2 clears and the person who lays the 2 can put down another starter card.4 is a social card, meaning everybody drinks, and it's as if no card was played at all (the next card must be of equal or higher value to the card played before the 4).
The person out of cards first becomes the President. They play the first card in every round that they are President. Additionally, they get to make a new rule for the succeeding rounds Mine, for instance, was that everybody had to take 1 drink every time an even-numbered card was played. Another girl's rule was that we had to refer to her only as Princess. ShortyJ's rule was that every time we referred to each other by name, we had to take a drink. Other people have been known to require nudity as punishment (reward?) for playing certain cards, requiring everybody to drink when someone says drink/drank/drunk, and requiring someone to drink if they use the words me/you/I.
The person out of cards last becomes the Asshole. They deal cards and clear when 2s are played. While dealing, they can make rules just for while cards are being dealt, and order others to do certain things (like drink). This comes with a caveat, though, that when dealing is over, Asshole loses his power, and becomes subservient to everyone else.
This is a hierarchical game-- usually, everybody rearranges their seats from first to last out of cards. You can boss around anybody who was out of cards after you. This includes ordering them to drink, remove articles of clothing, call you Poopaloop, etc.
From there, you just get wasted. There can be strategy involved, and there are rules about playing double cards that I'm not mentioning b/c those are the ones that tend to vary most by local rules.
Clear? If no, do a google search.
I'd be interested in hearing other people's rules as President...